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  • RUI LIN FENG Negative Pressure Fan

    Negative Pressure Fan


    Negative pressure fan uses the cooling principle of air convection and the negative pressure air exchange, air is discharged to outdoor which makes the indoor air pressure drop, indoor air becomes thinner, forming a negative pressure zone, then outdoor air, due to the air pressure difference compensates into the room, so that the indoor stuffy gas can be quickly forced to discharge outdoor. By this way, cooling effect can reach 90%-97%. Thus, negative pressure fan has the advantages of less investment, low energy consumption, significant cooling effect, etc.

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  • RUI LIN FENG Fiberglass Negative Pressure Fan

    Fiberglass Negative Pressure Fan


    The FRP negative pressure fan is a new type of ventilation equipment made of anti-corrosion FRP material, which belongs to the axial flow fan, the outer frame of the fan is made of anti-corrosion FRP material. The FRP negative pressure fan is suitable for almost all places that need cooling or ventilation, especially for places with acid and alkali corrosion, high temperature or odour workshops, such as chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, mining, machinery, etc.

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  • RUI LIN FENG Industrial Cold Air Cooler

    Industrial Cold Air Cooler


    Industrial air cooler (evaporative air cooler) is an environmentally friendly product with no compressor, no cold coal, and no pollution. Its cooling principle is: when the fan runs, the cavity produces negative pressure so that the air outside the machine flows over the surface of the porous wet curtain, which forcing the dry bulb temperature of the air close to the wet bulb temperature of the air outside the machine, that is, the dry bulb temperature of the air cooler outlet is 5-12 ℃ lower than the outdoor dry bulb temperature (in dry and hot areas, the temperature difference can even reach 15℃).... the dryer and hotter the air, the greater the temperature difference, the better the cooling effect. At the same time, because the machine uses the evaporation cooling principle, so it also has the dual function of cooling and humidification (relative temperature can reach about 75%), and also can purify the air.

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  • RUI LIN FENG Wet Curtain Wall

    Wet Curtain Wall


    The wet curtain wall consists of two parts: the wet curtain paper and the border. Wet curtain paper, alias water curtain paper, in the form of a honeycomb structure, is a special product, processed by a special process. The structure has high strength and has the advantages of high water absorption, high water resistance, mold resistance, corrosion resistance, and long service life. Due to its large evaporation surface, the cooling efficiency can reach more than 80%. Wet curtain wall does not contain surfactants, but naturally absorbs water, diffuses quickly, and has long-lasting effects. A drop of water can be diffused in 4~5 seconds. The "wet curtain + negative pressure fan" cooling system is widely used and play a significant role in various fields of production and life, like in crowded heat sources, or easy to produce pollution, or poor ventilation areas, such as animal husbandry, greenhouse engineering, flower planting, workshop, etc... After installing this cooling system, it is very effective in improving the hot and stuffy environment and can make the temperature in the area drop rapidly by 10-15°C within 10 minutes, ensuring that personnel work in the most comfortable environment and improve their work efficiency.

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Ruilin is a factory specializing in the production of sheet iron negative pressure fans, glass fiber reinforced plastic fans, environmental friendly air conditioners and mobile air coolers. As a professional

negative pressure fans manufacturers and air coolers factory

, Ruilin is focus on the design and production of high-quality negative pressure fans. Since its establishment for ten years, the company has focused on the research, development and production of ventilation and cooling equipment.

At present, the company has 15 assembly lines for negative pressure fans, 600 complete machines per day, 5 assembly lines for cooling fans, 200 complete machines per day, and a full range of FRP fans.


    Since its establishment for 10 years, the company has focused on the R&D and production of ventilation and cooling equipment.


    We have our own testing lab and advanced and complete inspection equipment, which can ensure the quality of the products.

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  • Quality Upgrading

    The product is technologically upgraded, with high cost sheet metal process, anti-aging, anti cracking and impact resistant, and durable for about 10 years.

  • Rich Experience

    Since its establishment for ten years, the company has focused on the research, development and production of ventilation and cooling equipment.

  • Strict Certification

    Workshop now has an annual output of 200000 motors, with more guaranteed quality. It has strict certification and international brand.


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